Best Casino Gambling Secrets by Bill Burton

Author/Artist: Bill Burton

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Gambling

Price: $10.36

Have you ever tried to win in the casino? Have you attempted to beat the house? Have you ever dared to break the bank? So, if you tried but failed, if you tried but quitted, if you never tried but would like to - it is a book for you. And if you would like to know some gambling secrets, you are on the right way.

If you are ready to learn some new things about the gambling world, you are welcome to read further. The author offers to start playing like a professional. Why? Because you need to become one, if you would like to be successful in any field of the life.

The very first secret is not a secret at all. The most important aspect in gambling is knowledge. How can you succeed if you do not know what you are doing? Also you should follow the basic rules. It is a must to know how to play roulette, again, if you want to break the bank one day.

The secrets are the wonderful tips, which are not always mentioned by the authors of the casino gambling books. For example, you should always wear a wristwatch, when you go to the casino. Why? Because there are no clocks inside. You lose the trace of time and stay there until your last penny is lost.

Do not worry about the casino. It will worry about itself. That is why there is a house edge, which is 2.7 pct in the European roulette and 5.4 pct - in the American. The casino has surveillance and guards everywhere in order to protect itself from the cheaters, who are willing to steal their money through gambling.

If you read Richard Marcus and his "The World's Greatest Gambling Scams", you will realize how dangerous cheating can be. They may not only kick out of the casino, they can sue you, which is not a good perspective for the future.