Gamble To Win Roulette by R.D. Ellison

Author/Artist: R.D. Ellison

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Roulette

Price: $9.11

Everybody and everyone and their relatives at least once had a thought or a secret desire to win casino roulette. Everybody wants but the majority tries, and very few try professionally and win. That is the main point. Not each person has enough patience and experience to win casino roulette.

What is nice to read is that the author says that the key to the victory is its majesty patience. As the saying says, "Impatience is the enemy."

The author also tells about the 3Q/A Reverse Select. He says that this type of strategy increases the player's advantage to 7.94 pct. Do not know how to apply it in the long run, though.

R.D. Ellison is a good teller. Many stories are told in a good manner. The book is mostly for the novices. It is sad that no experience included, or at least it seems so. Because every time when we open the book, which is supposed to tell us about how to do something, we want the author's experience, his skills but, unfortunately, not in this book.

The book is quite easy to read but there are no new things in it. If you want to read the basics and even more, you can easily pick up the "Spin Roulette Gold" by Frank Scoblete.

Also the author is writing about the Sesame Street or Ground Coffee method. Although he did not invent it, but described and explained it really well.

As every other author R.D. Ellison wrote the rules of the roulette game, layouts. He also divided description of the American and European wheel into different sections, which is pretty handy. The topics as buy-in, bankroll, hedge bets are also included.

What is more is that he writes about the daily loss limits, not everybody can discipline himself to a certain amount of money, which he can lose every day. And he covers Martingale and its variations, D'Alembert and Oscar's Grind - the most famous "winning" strategies.