Get the Edge at Roulette by Christopher Pawlicki

Author/Artist: Christopher Pawlicki

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Roulette

Price: $11.16

The author shows how to find and take advantage of the biased wheels, how to figure out which wheel is deep-pocket one and the ways how to exploit it. Pawlicki tells the method he uses for detecting dealer signatures and relative numbers, which have a destroying effect to the roulette. As he has a good experience of a dealer, he shares the facts that the dealer can hit specific, or chosen numbers on a more than random basis.

Also, the author could not forget to write about the online roulette.

Pawlicki did not omit the chance to tell, as, actually, everybody else, about the history of roulette. What is more, he speaks about the reasons, why people play this game, like anticipation, tradition and so on.

As everybody else he talks about roulette layouts, cheating methods, like past posting, wheel tampering, inside and outside bets. What makes the book more interesting is that the author tells the stories from his own life, like he played in some places around the world.

As he describes the bets, he simply writes about them. It would be better, if he drew or brought a table, where the reader can see, what he meant with Sizain or Colonne.

This book is not for the freshmen or just easy-to-read manual. It is for those, who want or already do bet professionally, or at least try to.

He has mathematical approach to the roulette "winning" or winning systems, like Martingale, Labouchere. But he also brings his own betting system. But he also notes that in the long run it is a losing strategy, well, of course, if you don't know when to stop.

While describing the betting systems, he brings the tables of the system's meaning and the reader can see, what leads to what.

What concerns the biased wheel, he is more than specific, writing everything in details. The dealer's signature is described like a body, of which he is writing the medical report: pre- during and post- things, which are done or have to be done.

The book is over 200 pages. It covers many topics, which can be interesting for diverse people. You start reading about the burning issue and you find yourself reading few chapters ahead of the completely different topic.

It is worth your attention and reading too.