Roulette Odds and Profits by Catalin Barboianu

Author/Artist: Catalin Barboianu

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Roulette

Price: $17.94

The second part of the book's name explains what it is going to be about "The Mathematics of Complex Bets." Be prepared, it is not going to be easy. Take a pencil and a piece of paper.

The author starts with the probability space. He does not say - be ready, in 35 spins your number will definitely come out. He is a realist and says that occurrences of any number are equal all the time, no matter which number came out just a second ago.

On the page 18 the author starts "feeding" us with the formulae. He tries to prove scientifically his point of view, which is worth appreciation. Then Barboianu tells us what the simple, complex and improved bets are.If you are interested more in a psychological aspect of gambling, "Gamble to Win Roulette" is that book.

What is good is that he deciphers all the formulae he gives and explains what happened and what is the reason it happened like that. It seems that it is impossible to explain the game of chance or luck mathematically.

When Barboainu starts talking about betting on the color and the numbers of the opposite color, he gives hundreds of variations and possibilities that you might have in 15 pages. It is all only the color bets.

While reading the book, it seems that the author wanted to tell us, "Hey, guys. Do not be so naive, be realists!"

What is interesting about the book is that Barboainu tells the readers that any betting system will fail in the long run, which is truth. Regardless what system you apply, or you may not apply any, you can gradually win in the short or medium run, but the long run always brings huge losses.

The players have another choice - to start making complex bets, which saves time and money. The author chose another approach to the problem: he offers to find the complex bets that increase the overall winning probability. It looks like the following: find the bets, which would not be contradictory but profitable and list all the numerical results in the table. Then choose the bets that fit you the best according to your gambling criteria.

The author wants also to make sure that the readers do not accept the book as a strategy book because such a winning strategy does not exist. The book is like a collection of odds and the figures, connected with the large range of the complex bets. The book shows only the mathematical side but not the winning systems.