Many versions of online roulette

There are many versions of the popular online roulette game available online today. The differences that separate each of the versions of the games might not be major differences, but they are significant enough. The fact that European roulette only has a single zero separates it from all other versions of the game and provides players with an edge over the house.

American roulette in particular has undergone many evolutions and changes. However, most players don't enjoy playing American roulette as much as they do for instance European roulette, simply because of the fact that the American version doesn't give them the same great odds at winning than European roulette does. Even though it all other aspects it might be the exact same game, the addition of that extra zero very obviously gives the house the edge over the player. You can simply try both versions of the game right at OnlineCasinosDoc Australia portal which features good games for fun coins.

Differences between American and European roulette

There are various options for players to bet while playing the roulette game. One of the popular combinations include the straight up bet – the player only bets once on a single number and the ball will need to rest on this number in order for the player to win. Another combination is that of the square bet. Here the player will place one bet on four numbers. Players can also take the red or black bet, or the odds or evens bet.

Another difference in American and European roulette is the chips that are used in the game. European roulette all feature chips of the same color, while in American roulette the chips are different colors to distinguish between the different players at the table.

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