American Casino Guide by Steve Bourie

Author/Artist: Steve Bourie

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Gambling

Price: $12.89

The author is Steve Bourie. This book does not only offer practical advice but also something, for what many people hunt - it is American casino guide coupons. They seem to be the most attractive part for some gamblers.

Some coupons offer cheap stay at the hotels, some invite to bet and receive bonuses Well, the book is not about the bonuses only. The book is not a magazine; it is a book that gives a lot of useful information.

The guide starts with the explanation, if you do not know how to play at the casino, you should not, because you literally throw your money away. He explains that we should know the rules of the house, so that we will have a better chance to win. At a first glance we think, why the casinos do not charge admission, as it is the only way to be successful and get rich for them.

In reality they have a hidden way of making money. Let us take the house edge. In the European roulette it is 2.7 pct, in the American roulette it is 5.26 pct. It is a steady part that casino makes on every spin. And it is not only this. There is nothing about American express casinos, and that's alright. How about the lost bets? Nobody returns them.

It is very interesting how the author describes the winning odds. They pay less than they should. The real chance to win at the roulette is 37 to 1. Why? Because there are 37 possibilities that you will lose and 1 that you will win (because you betted on the number, which possibly will win). But let us look what the betting reality is.

Let us assume that you bet 1 chip on number 13. When you win, you receive 35 chips of the same value as your chip. But you actually won 37 plus your chip. Even on the winning the casino makes money. On every single winning they take 2 chips, on every single loss - they take everything. If you are interested in the further details on the roulette game, you should check out "Get the Edge at Roulette" by Christopher Pawlicki.

Also the author goes through the hypothetical situation - which casino would you choose to play in. It is impressive how Steve Bourie reads the people's mind. The advice on choosing casino is very effective.

What is more? The author puts the states and the places to gamble there with the names of the casinos and the paybacks. It is a book worth reading. Check out for the new editions!