The World's Greatest Gambling Scams by Richard Marcus

Author/Artist: Richard Marcus

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Gambling

Price: $13.46

The author is Richard Marcus. Gambling scams, cheating schemes and other attraction of the illegal ways of gambling are here.

The man with the vivid story, impressive experience and many ideas on how to beat the house, while the house is not looking. If you are looking for the "How to Cheat at the Casino" manual, it is the wrong door.

The book is read on one breath, which is good and you want more, way more... It is good that Marcus took care of it and wrote a bunch of "my adventures" books.

What else is good is that he tells the story from the first person. It is like you are with him, right there, standing and staring at roulette and he is doing his dirty stuff but here it goes - he wins.

He had the team of the followers, although at the beginning of the scam's way he was a player of the Joe Classon's team. When his teacher "retired" he dared to invent the Savannah move, where the high value chip is hidden under the low value one. If the bet does not win, he would promptly replace the bet with two low value chips.

It is a very risky venture but it was rewarded in many-many years. The team developed interesting strategies, but all of them were and remain illegal. Unfortunately, the author does not reveal his secrets and we do not know the answer for the main question: "How???"

If you are considering the ways to become a professional legal, for example, roulette player, you will definitely need a roulette guide to lead you to the gambling world in the best manner.

Almost quarter of the century the main character was working as a clock, his team made millions of different currency on cheating. They played in the hottest gambling spots of the world.

There is also one funny fact. One of team players had a girl friend, who later joined them and she became so good and professional that she was allowed to do the most dangerous job to be a claimer. But in five years of the fruitful collaboration she quitted. And the biggest blast was after, when she went to college to become a crime scene investigator. That is life...

The book is a very interesting and breathtaking adventure to the world of the cheaters, their values and beliefs.