Cheating Guides

There are different types of guides: road guides, restaurant guides, sightseeing guides, casino guides and cheating guides. In every legal activity there are ways how to do it easier and faster but not very legal. "Not very" in this context means "completely not", as the thing can be either legal or illegal, there is no third option.

Cheating, in any aspect of life, was never welcomed but people continue doing this, because sometimes they do not accept the rules, as everything can be done in a lighter way. Roulette cheats become such, because the roulette77 game is a game of chance. The game of chance is not controlled, if somebody did not decide to set it in a special way.

Special way...

It can be a wheel tampering, when somebody "fixed" the wheel, so that the ball would land in a certain sector. It can also be ball controlling, when the ball "obeys" the controller. These are the technical devices, which are used.

But there are also humans, who play at the table and do illegal things. For example, pastposting. It is making bets, after the dealer says, "No more bets".

There are a lot roulette cheats. Because the casino surveillance works well, they catch the cheaters, but there are some, who stay in the shade for a long time. The life of the cheater is full of danger and suspicion. They live under pressure all the time. Their life is either unknown, or they become well known, when they are caught.

Special "awards"

If the cheater stole a lot of cash from the casinos, they would add his name to the "Black Book". After their name is inscribed there, they are not allowed even to enter the casino, we do not even talk about gambling of any kind inside the casinos.

To be a cheater is dangerous, but to read about them can be exciting, as you can read about their experience, how they performed and developed the tricks. One of such well known cheaters is Richard Marcus, who was never caught.

Read! Enjoy! But never repeat!

Richard Marcus

If you are in search of good read while resting, you are on right way. Richard Marcus is a world famous gambler, who has been cheating the casinos for around 25 years. But the amazing thing is that he was never caught. He is some kind of an evil genius. In his book he describes his cheating adventures, which concern American roulette.

Richard Marcus

The author is a threat of the casinos. But it is better to say that it is a former threat. The book tells about his risky ventures all over the world. Also his team of "helpers," which followed him and improved the cheating skills, is mentioned. The book is a very interesting and breathtaking adventure to the world of the cheaters, their values and beliefs.