American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down by Richard Marcus

Author/Artist: Richard Marcus

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Roulette

Price: $12.78

Hopefully you heard about the author. Richard Marcus is called the most successful casino cheater among the living ones. He was suspected in cheating but was never caught. That is what they call luck and destiny's pet.

But being the lucky one does not mean to be the honest one, always living on the edge. Much stress and tension all the time. If your aim is to find a book, which can become your casino guide, you might like "American Casino Guide" by Steve Bourie.

Pastposting Guru

Oh, yeah! That is Richard Marcus, the man who does not regret his deeds. Many people suppose that the casino deceives the gamers and takes the money from them. And some even praise the cheaters, who "get the cash back," although it is not fighting back but actual stealing.

It is true that the casino sets the rules and if you do not like them, you cannot change them. You either play or quit, there is no third option.

The fact how he started his "career" makes lots of things clear. He came to Las Vegas for gambling when he was around 20 and lost everything. Then he simply realized that winning is impossible in the casino games as everything is set the way, which is beneficial for the casino only.

He worked as a dealer as saw the play from both sides. It made him an evil genius, as he could see such aspects that others couldn't. The meeting with Joe Classon made the whole point. Marcus simply joined the team and they started bringing the house down.

He is the one who invented the Savannah move

If you hope to find the instructions how to cheat, how to do this or that, I do not want to disappoint you but you won't find any. The book is interesting to read, as is written in a manner of "step by step" but the details are omitted. Sad but you won't waste money, as it is exciting and interesting.