Casino Gambling For Dummies by Kevin Blackwood

Author/Artist: Kevin Blackwood

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Gambling

Price: $13.59

Well, not really dummies. It is a book that introduces you to the world of the gambling and other interesting activities that can bring you joy, fun, satisfaction and relaxation.

If you say that you already know everything what is written in the book, so it means that you outgrew the book and need move further, for example to the "Roulette Secrets Revealed" by John C. Steele

It is a book for those who never entered the casino for playing or never been there before at all. It is a manual how not to look strange in the house.

The author also offers the basics and the strategies you can apply while gambling. For example, bankroll management. It is a vitally important strategy, if you want to wager, as you should always realize how much you can spend on the hobby.

Also, manners. As for me, it is a very interesting aspect of gambling. You need to know how to behave in the correspondent society. If you are going to gamble in the European casino, you should keep in mind that they like dress code more, while the Americans are more laid-back in this aspect. You should figure out if the casino you are going to is a closed club or welcomes everybody, so that you would not waste your night or free time on looking for another spot.

The author is an experienced blackjack player, so he knows what he is writing about. Moreover, Kevin Blackwood is writing in an easy manner, so everybody can understand and his words are easy to accept.

His book is like a reading adventure to the casino, as he describes such details that we may sometimes even skip while thinking about the casino rules.

He introduces you to the world of the table games, striating from buying-in until saying goodbye.


is the most interesting for us in the book. Again, he starts with buying-in, because in the roulette game 888sport Indonesia you need to buy different chips from the ordinary casino ones. Then he switches to the table layout (if you have never seen the table layout, see the roulette table). He also covers different color betting chips, inside and outside bets. His advices on the strategies that do not work are pretty good, as many people do not know the difference between them.

Kevin Blackwood tells the basic rules of the baccarat, different types of poker, blackjack and craps. What concerns non-table games, he is offering to read about the slots, video poker, keno bingo, and even sports betting. The last is not really a casino game but it is a very gambling activity.

You can also learn how to read and understand the sheets in the horse racing. Apart from that, he lets you in the online gambling. He tells you about all the steps you need to take an of course the mistakes you should always avoid.

It is a good read not only for the complete novices in the gaming but also for the experts in one field but freshmen in others.