Winning Casino Play by Avery Cardoza

Author/Artist: Avery Cardoza

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Gambling

Price: $7.95

It seems that you hold in your hands a pocket book about the casino games. It is nice, small and quite thick. But let us open it.

In the very beginning we see how Cardoza explains the main issues, which everybody should know before entering the house, like tipping, free drinks and so on. The second chapter of the book is devoted to your precious cash, bucks, money, or whatever you call it. Also the author advises when to choose the right time to quit the game.

The following chapters cover the specific games, like blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and different types of poker. As far as we see, nobody avoids an opportunity to recommend some strategies and systems, which will help or "help" in the game.

What I like about the book is that everything is written completely simple and easy for understanding. For example, dealer's rules. He firmly notes that the dealer must pay by prescribed guidelines. He must draw to any hand of 16 or below and stand on any total of 17 to 21. it is clear. No questions.

Also he gives the pictures of different players' moves, like standing, Hitting and Doubling Down. Very easy to understand and it would take forever to explain everything in details. Moreover, he gives a good piece of advice on tipping the dealer in blackjack. Further go different rules and strategies you might like to choose for your gambling activities or for the games with your friends.

What concerns the craps, he brings the tables of the payoffs, and the concept remains the same. He explains everything easily and you catch yourself on a thought that you already passed the chapter you wanted and read further.

Cardoza devotes around 20 pages out of over 300 to the roulette game. But it is quite informative chapter, as it touches all the main aspects of the game. He covers types of the layout, basic odds. I liked the most that he brought the pictures of all the bets and compared all of them with the French roulette. Pretty impressive, as the reader can make his choice, which layout he likes more. And, of course, he mentioned one of the most famous roulette systems, called Martingale and its variations.Before you start gambling, it is better to get some tips, which concern roulette.

I never thought that it is possible to tell about playing slots in such a simply manner. He lists the types, what to do with them, how to play, and what strategy should the players choose and so on.

It also includes a short glossary with all the necessary terms for the players. The book is written for the people who are thinking about starting gambling. Simple language and explanations make you read more than you supposed you would.