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Steve Bourie

Everybody wants to find the Holy Grail of the roulette game, to find the only roulette secret. John C. Steele offers another approach to the game. It is a smart one. He shows many aspects we do not pay attention to while gambling. Worthy comments make the book more interesting. The author touches sacred points of the casino.

Kevin Blackwood

The author tried hard to make a perfect manual for the beginners in the gambling world. Once you read this book, you would not feel uncomfortable in the casino. The book tells you about everything, starting from your appearance and behavior to the strategies you might want to use while gambling at the roulette game.

Avery Cardoza

The structure of the book is well-composed. Information, which you can find here, is quite useful for the beginners. The author is so observant that sometimes he points out some details, which are difficult to notice for a simple vacation player. He gives the pictures of different players' moves, like standing, Hitting and Doubling Down.

Richard A. Epstein

The author is a real scientist, as all his conclusions are not hung in the air but explained in full. It is the book for the profound players, who are more interested in the probabilities and chances to win. Richard A. Epstein does not base his theories on the lucky charms. If you are patient and want to know how everything started, this book is for you!

Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen

The authors did their best to make such kind of the book. It is both good read for the amateur and the professional player (possibly, even the pros can find something useful for them). Also they cover the strategies with negative and positive progressions. And what is more, they talk about the recreational players, for whom gaming is fun, not a profession or addiction.

Matern Jensen

It is quite a big book, which is a must read for the novices and possibly an interesting read for the advanced gamers, who might find good ideas. He is one of the few, who put the wheel construction into the book, so that the player would actually see how it is made and how it works. You easily digest everything absorbed from the book while enjoying it.

Catalin Barboianu

The second part of the book's name explains what it is going to be about "The Mathematics of Complex Bets." What is interesting about the book is that Barboainu tells the readers that any betting system will fail in the long run, which is truth. The book shows only the mathematical side but not the winning systems.

Christopher Pawlicki

It covers many topics, which can be interesting for diverse people. You start reading about the burning issue and you find yourself reading few chapters ahead of the completely different topic. This book is not for the freshmen or just easy-to-read manual. It is for those, who want or already do bet professionally, or at least try to.

Lucien Barriere Group

This name is associated with the best casinos in France. It is very nice that the gambling center provides the players with the leaflets on the games they have in the house. This guide is very helpful, as everything is written for the fresh gamblers. Even if you never entered the casino, you will know how to behave, what to do, what to say and how to react on the words of the dealer.

Samuel Blankson

The author divided the book into the logical chapters, which is a very useful and wonderful thing, as everybody can start from the point, which is most interesting and important for him/her. The author claims that to win in online roulette is easier than in the land-based one. Check it out. What if you can find your winning system?

Frank Scoblete

It is one of the most wonderful books, written about the roulette game. Scoblete is a like researcher, who explores the roulette phenomenon. It is impressive as he shows different approaches to the game. If you want to start your professional gambling career, you might like to try this book, as you will learn a lot and receive satisfaction from reading. Enjoy!

R.D. Ellison

Everybody wants to beat the house but the majority tries, and very few try professionally and win. That is the main point. Not each person has enough patience and experience to win casino roulette. Also the author is writing about the Sesame Street or Ground Coffee method. Although he did not invent it, but described and explained it really well.

R.T. Barnhart

This is the author who claims that it is possible to beat the wheel. And he is, actually, right. The author is a person with a sober judgment and he knows that. Some of the authors, even if they know that the system does not work in a long run, keep selling it to the trustful people. If you are in search of the heroes to follow, you can pick up any from this book.

John C. Steele

Everybody wants to find the Holy Grail of the roulette game, to find the only roulette secret. John C. Steele offers another approach to the game. It is a smart one. He shows many aspects we do not pay attention to while gambling. Worthy comments make the book more interesting. It is a good read both for the experienced gamblers and the novices.

Richard Marcus

If you are in search of good read while resting, you are on right way. Richard Marcus is a world famous gambler, who has been cheating the casinos for around 25 years. But the amazing thing is that he was never caught. He is some kind of an evil genius. In his book he describes his cheating adventures, which concern American roulette.

Richard Marcus

The author is a threat of the casinos. But it is better to say that it is a former threat. The book tells about his risky ventures all over the world. Also his team of "helpers," which followed him and improved the cheating skills, is mentioned. The book is a very interesting and breathtaking adventure to the world of the cheaters, their values and beliefs.

Michael Konik

Looking for hilarious stories, connected with the gambling world? One gambling story is better than another and you cannot stop reading, because they are exciting and different. Also, if you would like to take a closer look on the gambling world, you should definitely read the book. And this book is difficult at the same time, because you cannot pick up your favorite story.

Bill Burton

Have you ever tried to win in the casino? Have you attempted to beat the house? Have you ever dared to break the bank? So, if you tried but failed, if you tried but quitted, if you never tried but would like to - it is a book for you. And if you would like to know some gambling secrets, you are on the right way. The book is worth reading both by the pros and freshmen.