Secrets of Winning Roulette by Marten Jensen

Author/Artist: Matern Jensen

Format: Paperback

Primary Subject: Roulette

Price: $11.21

There is no secret that everybody wants to know the secrets of winning roulette. It is also common that everybody hopes to win the roulette game, although we all know that it is a game of chance, which is impossible to count. But still, there are the basic secrets and ideas everybody should know.

It is quite a big book, which is a must read for the novices and possibly an interesting read for the advanced gamers, who might find good ideas. The language of the book would not make you pull out the biggest dictionary you have or go to the library. It is that kind of book that lets you reflect while reading and easily digest everything absorbed from there.

Marten Jensen gives a slight insight to the gambling world and only after he starts telling about the details and various aspects of the game. As any other writer of the book, he starts with the rules, which are easy to read and remember.

Then he goes to interesting methods of winning at the roulette game and what he does…. He explains each method. I cannot agree that you can manipulate the roulette game, but somehow you can start understanding way more than before reading the book.

If you have never heard about Martingale, Oscar's Grind and different variations of the systems or any other system or strategy, you are welcomed to read this book. The author tells about the biased wheels, numerical concepts and other information, which will be useful for gambling.

For example, he is one of the few, who put the wheel construction into the book, so that the player would actually see how it is made and how it works. This is a book about learning good things, not cheating strategies or some other illegal stuff.

If you are an advanced player, who know and has experienced a lot in the gambling world. you might be interested in "Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo" by R.T. Barnhart.

The book is worth reading but at the same time you should try things before completely believing in them.