Casino Guides

Casino guide is the kind of guide that will help you find what you like or would like in the casino one day. casino guides are letting people into the house and sometimes even behind the stage, so that the future gamblers or just vacation gamers will know basic details of the casino games.

What is good about casino guides?

Most of the time they look like pocket manuals of the gambling games. It is pretty handy and whenever you decide to go to the gambling spot, either you to fly, or take a ride, as they do not occupy much space in your luggage.

Casino guides cover all the casino games, like poker, roulette, craps, slot machines, blackjack and others. In Germany people know that success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm, but different guides e.g. Roulette guide can help you a lot. Usually, the structure is easy to understand and move to the spot you need.

They start from the very beginning. Some guides even tell about the history of the game. Let us take, for example, roulette on paddy power. The most famous variant of how the game was invented says that Blaise Pascal, well known mathematician, accidentally made it, as it was a part of the experiment.

Other theories suppose that the roulette game prototype was known in the Roman Empire hundreds of years ago. The soldiers took a wheel from the chariot and spin it - it was their variant of the gambling.

Then the guide holds the most important rules of the game, as if you do not know what you are doing, how can you win then? After reading books on roulette, you may be interested in having a play of the game as well.

More details on...

If it is roulette, there will be a description of the layouts, bets, payoffs and so on. Some guides include the roulette strategy. Some of the strategies require much thinking and counting, some of them are based, for example, on your favorite number betting. One of these strategies is called Dopey Experiment, when you can split your bankroll into even parts and bet on the same number for 35 times, if your number does not come out earlier than that.

There are so many casino guides in the market that you should just choose the one, which will be useful for you like a great guide to find the best online poker freeroll tournaments.

Steve Bourie

Everybody wants to find the Holy Grail of the roulette game, to find the only roulette secret. John C. Steele offers another approach to the game. It is a smart one. He shows many aspects we do not pay attention to while gambling. Worthy comments make the book more interesting. The author touches sacred points of the casino.

Kevin Blackwood

The author tried hard to make a perfect manual for the beginners in the gambling world. Once you read this book, you would not feel uncomfortable in the casino. The book tells you about everything, starting from your appearance and behavior to the strategies you might want to use while gambling at the roulette game.

Avery Cardoza

The structure of the book is well-composed. Information, which you can find here, is quite useful for the beginners. The author is so observant that sometimes he points out some details, which are difficult to notice for a simple vacation player. He gives the pictures of different players' moves, like standing, Hitting and Doubling Down.

Richard A. Epstein

The author is a real scientist, as all his conclusions are not hung in the air but explained in full. It is the book for the profound players, who are more interested in the probabilities and chances to win. Richard A. Epstein does not base his theories on the lucky charms. If you are patient and want to know how everything started, this book is for you!

Jerry Patterson, Eric Nielsen

The authors did their best to make such kind of the book. It is both good read for the amateur and the professional player (possibly, even the pros can find something useful for them). Also they cover the strategies with negative and positive progressions. And what is more, they talk about the recreational players, for whom gaming is fun, not a profession or addiction.