Poker Dice: The Hands Bring the Scores

It'd be, actually, really hard to find a gambler, no matter what game he/she prefers playing most of the time, who wouldn't have a clue of how to play craps in a casino, although a number of betting options may not be completely memorized.

Nevertheless, there has been recently developed one of the new casino games, which differs from the game of craps to a considerable extent, even though it involves throwing a dice – that is Poker Dice.

Combining the rules of how to play craps and poker in it, Poker Dice turns out to be rather exciting to try, especially if a gambler is curious enough to opt for versatile games from time to time. The essence of the game lies in the receipt of the best combination of numbers, which are drawn on the sides 5 different dice, each player possessing 3 attempt-rolls in 1 round, whereas the score is calculated according to the chosen row to play (from the 1st to the 13th, the latter presupposing 50 points for "5 of a kind" combination).

As Poker Dice is more, than simple in its entity, it may easily be mastered by all players, including those, who lack practical experience. At the same time, despite the fact that it belongs to the games of luck, the craftiest gamblers have invented a number of the so-called advantage throwing techniques, which are believed to help one get the best combination. Yet, neither of these methods has proved their being beneficial, moreover, they can hardly be applied within online betting sites, so the experts recommend the players to concentrate on the gaming process, not on the ways to beat the casinos.

As for the live and internet versions of Poker Dice, they both possess certain specific advantages and drawbacks; still, the online modification of the game should better be practiced after visiting a land-based gambling house. That's so, as the virtually dice is thrown automatically by means of pushing the relative button, so the beginner might get confused, when he/she takes the actual dice in the hands for the first time.

All things considered, the invention of Poker Dice may be easily considered quite an essential event in the gambling history, much because of the fact that the game of craps admirers have got a chance to try something new, without switching to card games, or free slots, for instance.